How to: Stretch your own Canvas

May 21st, 2009 by jules

Stretching a canvas is not necessarily fun nor easy, but investing in your work from the canvas up, is immensely rewarding.  I do use ready-made canvas’ myself, but it is never as gratifying as making my own.  In this example the finished piece we are making is 2.5′ x 5′  and the canvas material has been recycled from a different painting I never completed.  Here we go, on our hands and knees!

You will need:

Un-primed Canvas Material
Drill, drill bit, clamps, wood glue, screw driver, rust-proof screws
Staple gun, staples, hammer

Step One:  Cut the Canvas

Canvas Material can generally be purchased at a fabric store or supply store.  Get more than you need and allow it to be at least a foot wider and longer than the finished size.  Bigger is better as you can always trim it.  Cut or rip your piece of Canvas to size.  Leave a good amount of extra material, 6-8 inches or so around all sides.

Step Two: Make the Frame

The size of the wood can vary, depending on the size of the canvas you are making.  I typically use 2″x2″ pieces for frames ranging from 2′ – 7′.  When cutting the wood to size, be [...] Continue Reading…

Good Art?

May 10th, 2009 by jules

Guernica by Picasso

What is Good ?  What is Good?  What is ?

These are big questions which I plan to tackle bit by bit for as long as I have this blog…I think, talk, then mull…here are a few of my first thoughts…

Picasso said it begins where nature leaves off

Michelangelo said the true work of art is but a shadow of the divine perfection

Francis Bacon said that painting gave meaning to his life that without which he would not have had

said  there’s no possible way you can get what you want

Willem de Kooning said that the attitude that nature is chaotic and that the artist puts order into it is a very absurd point of view.  All that we can hope for is to put some order into ourselves

…I like de Koonings view, I see it as a science of us humans trying to figure out who we are, why we’re here and what life is really all about…

Please help figure this out in the comments!

We did it!

May 6th, 2009 by jules

After some hesitation, we did it…

We added our to the website so you can get to know us better…

Would you care to know more about us like our preferences & influences?

Please let us know in the comments!

Jules Galleries Updated!

April 27th, 2009 by jules

Oldies but Goodies from my archives:

Pile of Toys – Circa 1996 2.5′x3.5′ Acrylic on Paper

Thinking Pink – Circa 1995 2.5′x3.5′ Acrylic on Paper

Patiently Waiting – Circa 1995 2.5′x3.5′ Acrylic on Paper

Just a Girl – Circa 1995 2.5′x3.5′ Acrylic on Paper

4 Phases of Collaboration

April 26th, 2009 by jules

In our , we may underestimate exactly what we are capable of, but we usually have a good idea of where we are as .  Collaborating with another Artist can change these beliefs infinitely.  The possibilities can be endless…

There are 4 main phases in any project:

1.  Initiation. Ideas=Potential.   In the initiation phase of the project, both Artists are filled with excitement.  Harness this excitement and toss around as many ideas, thoughts, beliefs, and commonalities as you can.  Find that something you have in common.  The possibilities to create something distinct and more extraordinary than what you could do alone is the gift of collaboration.  There is a style that benefits all involved, you just have to find it.

2.  Planning.   Priorities=Challenges.  Finding your style together is the challenge.  Priorities and methods are things that need to be addressed.  So how do you start?  What is most important, is it the message, the process, the subject matter, the technique, the final outcome…what is most important to both of you?  To overcome this challenge, search for commonalities as well as differences, and look for the good in different approaches.  Plan to test a few ideas before you [...] Continue Reading…

jn Links Palette-9 Art Links v1.1

April 17th, 2009 by jules

This is an inspiring piece I could look at everyday for contemplation
“When I paint, I invent stories…”  Poulin
“My responsibility as an artist is to create work that causes people to stop…”  O’Neill
“I am not trying to explain anything in my painting…”  Valdan
You either love or hate Rothko, I of course love his work
Not sure which I love more by Ria DeWit, her work in red, green or yellow
I have no explanation as to why I have not been to this gallery yet.  Planning a trip post haste!
I wondered for a split second if this was me.  Note to self:  Go to Paris ASAP!
Don’t know if I ‘Get it” but I like it

jn Links Palette-9 Art Links

April 15th, 2009 by jules

The composition and subject matter in this bird painting is somehow soothing

There is just something wonderful about these illustrations

This umbrella installation is really quite beautiful

This photo keeps the eye moving in circles-in a good way!

Would love this print for my kitchen

Indulge your penchant for Surrealism here

Oh Deer…

The whole Stanza Gallery…can’t pick only one favourite!

This kiwi fruit does strange things to my vision

Perfect Primary Colours

April 14th, 2009 by jules

Ahh… Painting class. Does this picture bring back ? I remember in one of my first ever painting classes, many, many years ago, the first assignment was to produce the perfect version of the Primary Colours. I remember thinking, “What does that mean?” I still wonder what the perfect version is, but now I chalk it up to a matter of taste.

If I recall correctly, I approached the assignment by taking each colour and adding the tiniest bit of pigment to get as close as I could to a true red, yellow and blue. For red, I added a hint of green, for blue, a hint of orange and for yellow, a touch of purple to tone down the intensity.  Step two was to create the Secondary Colours in their most perfect version.
I remember taking this assignment very seriously and not knowing where to begin, but as a beginner painter, that was probably part of the exercise; to get us, the students, thinking about colour.
Looking back now, I do not pretend that these are the best representations, but maybe I should do this simple exercise again…in my opinion, using the best quality paints one can afford [...] Continue Reading…

Thank you!

April 8th, 2009 by jules

We’d like to take a moment to Thank our on-line community-the support is overwhelming and very inspiring!

Sincerely, Thank you.

Jules & Nate

9 Ways to Inspire Yourself as an Artist…

April 8th, 2009 by jules

Staring at a blank canvas/page/space can be terrifying.  If you have been staring for longer than you would like to, try one of these ideas for .  These ideas can be the start of your creation, part of it or the whole thing.  Use one, use many…use this rooster!

1. Look to your last piece. In every piece that you do, there are decision points that led you in a specific direction.  Try going back to one of those points and take another direction…

2.  Analyse your body of work. Is it holistic, does it have a signature?  If there seems to be different styles or little cohesion, you may have an opportunity to tie them together in a new work or series(!) of works…

3.  Fish out an older piece in your collection that you love or hate. Try to remember what your thoughts were when you created it.  From there you could go on a similar tangent or do the complete opposite…

4.  Reproduce one of your works in a different way. Whether it be in different colours, or black & white, maybe a totally different style…

5.  Browse through personal photographs. Often inspiration comes from an event that is [...] Continue Reading…