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An Oldie…

Wednesday, December 15th, 2010

This one I did eons ago in .  Not really my favourite medium and I never do now but folks seems to like it so I thought I’d throw it up…


November jn Collaborations

Sunday, November 22nd, 2009

Nate and I have been busy with life lately, but we remembered that one of the things in life we enjoy is painting together.  To that end we made some time to paint…finally!  Don’t let life get in the way of your passions, its these moments of happiness that string themselves together that make your life what you want it to be.

Untitled 4Untitled 5

Jules Gallery Updated!

Monday, June 8th, 2009

Self Portrait This is one of my first self-portraits.  It was done back in School, in a theme.  When I began the project I thought I would have no luck with it, but after trying it, this is now my favourite self portrait and I have not done one since.

Parker et al.This piece was the start of my music-inspired painting.  I have progressed to painting songs now but I have these guys to thank.

London BlizzardAlthough I love and have taken a few courses in it, I haven’t really given it a go as yet, but I plan to and soon!

India Ink ShackOne of my first pen & ink works.  I have used this technique a few times since, but it is inspiring my to use it more often.

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Tuesday, June 2nd, 2009

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Admin stuff…please disregard.  Many Thanks!  Jules

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Friday, April 17th, 2009

Palette 02/20/2009

  • This is an inspiring piece I could look at everyday for contemplation
  • “When I paint, I invent stories…”  Poulin
  • “My responsibility as an artist is to create work that causes people to stop…”  O’Neill
  • “I am not trying to explain anything in my painting…”  Valdan
  • You either love or hate Rothko, I of course love his work
  • Not sure which I love more by Ria DeWit, her work in red, green or yellow
  • I have no explanation as to why I have not been to this gallery yet.  Planning a trip post haste!
  • I wondered for a split second if this was me.  Note to self:  Go to Paris ASAP!
  • Don’t know if I ‘Get it” but I like it

9 Ways to Inspire Yourself as an Artist…

Wednesday, April 8th, 2009

Staring at a blank canvas/page/space can be terrifying.  If you have been staring for longer than you would like to, try one of these ideas for .  These ideas can be the start of your creation, part of it or the whole thing.  Use one, use many…use this rooster!

Inspiration from my Kitchen

1. Look to your last piece. In every piece that you do, there are decision points that led you in a specific direction.  Try going back to one of those points and take another direction…

2.  Analyse your body of work. Is it holistic, does it have a signature?  If there seems to be different styles or little cohesion, you may have an opportunity to tie them together in a new work or series(!) of works…

3.  Fish out an older piece in your collection that you love or hate. Try to remember what your thoughts were when you created it.  From there you could go on a similar tangent or do the complete opposite…

4.  Reproduce one of your works in a different way. Whether it be in different colours, or black & white, maybe a totally different style…

5.  Browse through personal photographs. Often inspiration comes from an event that is important to you in a positive or negative way, and if it was important, you probably took some photos.  Looking through your photographs will remind you of a time when you…and you felt…

6.  Refer to something you have written. Whether its your sketchbook, a dream journal, a daily diary, or simply your calendar, these musings can spark your imagination…

7.  Do a self portrait.  Have you ever done one?  Its original because its you, and there are so many styles to chose from, try a style  that is unfamiliar or better yet, do it in your signature style…

8. Start painting something in your current view. Sometimes you just need to get started to allow your creativity to flow-you can always paint over the vase/coffee cup/sandwich/rooster…

9. Just start painting. Lay down some pigment for a layer of your background.  Play with colour-get that perfect greenish-gray.  Use a different size brush, paint with your eyes closed, paint with your other hand…

What do you do if you need inspiration?  How do you get started?  Please share in the comments!

Warning: jules is Starting A Blog

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

I have been contemplating this Blog for a while now, and have My First Post under my belt…I am an avid reader of many Blogs, but this is my first time writing a blog…hmm

As the Universe often does, it has brought me some help.  This help came in the form of Darren Rowse. If you do not know who he is, lets just say he is a Professional Blogger, a “;)   and he’s running a virtual workshop. Suffice it to say, I will be working on his program for the month of April to learn all about how to do this properly.

I’m working on getting a Weekly Art Post going as well, (Trying for one each weekend to start) seeing as that was the original intent of this blog…ha!

Thanks for bearing with a rookie blogger, hopefully my content will keep you coming back!

coffee & timbits,


To Manage an Art Commission is to Set Expectations

Saturday, April 4th, 2009

The other day, I tweeted the following:

When I get a commission, I stress that it will be “my take on on their /idea.” This is difficult, but important”

“I try to say the work will be “My style” and show the client half-way through to set expectations…”

“Basically I warn the client that I’m an artist, not a photographer, and I keep them involved through the creation process…”

The Commission Conundrum

Commissions are always welcome, for most artists.  If you have ever had a client be less than thrilled about the result, pay you, and then never hear from them again, you can identify with what I call the “Commission Conundrum”  That excited yet sinking feeling a commission request can bring.

The Conundrum is that both parties are excited and agree to proceed, a quick friendly chat happens, they part ways, a piece is presented that neither the Artist nor the client truly loves.  So what happened?  The puzzle of what the client wanted and what the artists style allows was not put together well.

What julesandnate does…

As the Artist, I/we try to understand what they want by asking for LOTS of pictures and ideas from them, showing them pictures and inspiration we have in our arsenal…and lots of talk, talk, talk-do not underestimate this.  Then we proceed to explain what I/we think they want in a couple different ways, then we repeat.  Seriously.

Next step, explain that you are an ARTIST.  You will take their requirements and make them into something that comes from you, from your esthetic.  It will not look like one specific picture or even a few pieced together.  These pictures are simply for inspiration.  You will incorporate the key features the client wants, but the execution and outcome is from you-the Artist, and you don’t know what the piece will look like exactly until you begin, work through and complete it.  The is in the Process.  Then we have this conversation again, then repeat.  Again, I’m serious.

To support this, I involve the client in the process.  I recently started using Flickr to display “in-progress” shots.  Get the clients input throughout the process.  Its not that you need direction, but you need them to be happy with where the piece is going, and to set expectations.  Involving the client through the entire process gets them invested, and there is no big shock when the piece is complete.

This is not fool proof of course, but it cuts down on going in the “wrong direction,” mis-understandings and unexpected outcomes.

How do you handle the commission process, what has worked or not worked for you?  Please share in the comments, Thanks!  Jules

New Project

Friday, April 3rd, 2009

In my quest to go paperless, Thanks to Leo at ZenHabits, I came up with an idea to make an e-book out of all my notes and learnings from school…it will take some work, but I’m on it!

Hi Everyone

Tuesday, March 31st, 2009

Thanks for checking out our website! is a blog gallery for the original works of Jules & Nate. We’ll be updating often, please visit us again soon!

Also, we are just starting this blog, so as it grows, so should the content and information we can all share with eachother!

coffee & timbits,
Jules & Nate