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Galleries: Let Them E-mail You

Friday, September 11th, 2009
366.25.Coffee and News by Pragmagraphr

366.25.Coffee and News by Pragmagraphr

Obviously, Nate and I love Art.  We love painting and try to paint as often as we can.  Gallery visits however, always seem to fall by the wayside.  We enjoy going and are usually inspired as we leave, but keeping track of what is going on where, and working Gallery visits into our schedule seems to be consistently designated to the back burner.

This is something I have decided to change, and I found a great way to do it.

I recently began signing up for the e-mail lists of relatively local, minor and major Art .  Now, as the emails come in, I effortlessly know what is going on where and can now easily add the event to my Google Calendar.  Its simple and effective…why didn’t I do this ages ago??

We did it!

Wednesday, May 6th, 2009

After some hesitation, we did it…

We added our pics to the website so you can get to know us better…

Would you care to know more about us like our preferences & influences?

Please let us know in the comments!