Started a Painting: Hate it and Starting Over

September 2nd, 2009 by jules

I’m at the beginning of a series of four small flower paintings for a client…first up is the Lily of the Valley.  That was my direction, just a painting of a flower.  Although I know a realist work would be appreciated, its just not my style.  I did warn her that I do not do realism and she said no problem.  Off I go to start a painting.

The problem is, I know the clients taste, and I honestly do not think it is the type of painting I do.  So I start on a precious little lily, and immediately hate what I am producing. In the back of my mind, I was trying for what I thought the client wanted, and that is never the road to happiness.  The client catches a glimpse of it in progress and proclaims she loves it, but seriously…it is so hideous, I’m actually embarrassed I did it.  Not too embarrassed to show mes amis reading this though, so here it is…


Right after I took this picture, I jesso’d the canvas, so it really didn’t happen, right?  From here, I am going to begin anew, I hate it and I’m starting over, trusting that the client likes my aesthetic, and I shall proceed as I like, creating something I am proud of.


2 Responses to “Started a Painting: Hate it and Starting Over”

  1. JewelD says:

    Good for you for sticking with your own style. Commissions can be so intimidating.

    I just did this too! Well, I didn’t gesso the whole thing, just half of it.

    Glad to know I’m not the only one.

    • jules says:

      Thanks for your encouragement! Think I’ll do a follow up post later on when I’m done and happy about what I’ve made. All the best, Jules